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When you are looking for a reliable and reputable team of accounting professionals in Yonkers, NY, we are the team to call. Our name is Yonkers Tax Preparation Service and we are the most widely trusted and most accomplished outfit anywhere in the area. We support both individuals and businesses with the highest caliber of financial and accounting services.

With us, you can take steps to better your existing finances and come closer to your financial goals.  So, if you want to be more efficient with your finances and you want to start liberating your financial future, speak to our team about what we can do for you. 

About Us 
For many years now, we have been helping the good people of Yonkers, New York to manage their taxes and finances more effectively. We feel a commitment to those who live and work in our city and we want to deliver them the tailored support that they need to start taking care of their own economy with greater success. You are the passion of our team and so, when you come to us for help, you can expect to be given the highest standards of care. Our team is personable, understanding, and most importantly committed to your cause, and we know that that shows in the quality of our services. 

Our Services

The services that we offer are many and encompass the full extent of our capabilities within finances. We go above and beyond the regular call of action for tax preparation service providers, offering a comprehensive list of tax management, accountancy, and payroll services for both individuals and companies. With any of these, you can expect the deepest industry knowledge and tailored solutions for your needs. All you need to do is speak to us about what those are and we would be honored to begin working alongside you. ​

Personal Income
Tax Preparation

Everybody is obliged to pay their fair share of personal income tax. However, many citizens end up paying more than they would necessarily have to, simply for not understanding their options in the way of taxation. And if you feel as if you may be doing the same, our team can be there to help you. At Yonkers Tax Preparation Service, we offer high-class personal income tax preparation and tax planning services, both of which would be of use to anybody. Just speak to our highly-trained income tax agents and find out just how we might be able to help you save healthy sums of money on your taxes.

Tax Extensions

Sometimes, getting into financial difficulties can lead to you falling behind on your taxes. While you never mean to do so, it can be hard to catch up with tax payments and that can put you in breach of the law. But if you can successfully apply for a tax extension, you might be able to put all of that right for yourself. So, to give yourself the best chance of getting control back of your taxes and finances, allow our team to help you out with our specialized tax extension services. ​
“ “I can highly recommend the accounting services of Yonkers Tax Preparation Service. They are a very professional outfit with a wealth of expertise to offer any company. Thanks to them, we’ve been managing our finances much more efficiently and have been able to make significant improvements with our operations as a result.” – Jeffery T

Audit Assistance

Auditing is an important part of operations for any business. Be it for legal and public mediating bodies, or simply to appease your shareholders, it needs to be undertaken effectively for all companies. So, to assure yourself of the most accurate, controlled, and reliably executed audits, you should work with our expert audit accountants. For all of your needs for financial audit, we can provide you precision support through state-of-the-art auditing systems.

Business Tax Returns

Your company is obliged to pay taxes at the local, state, and federal levels. Various examples of taxation must be covered and you cannot be missing any of these. But as a highly occupied business, that can be hard to do internally. So, instead of affording yourself any risks and the potentially incurred consequences, be sure to seek out specialist assistance for your tax returns. Come to us, at Yonkers Tax Preparation Service, and allow our team of professionals to most effectively manage your business taxes. ​
“​ “Yonkers Tax Preparation Service is a reliable team to call for tax preparation assistance. Without them, I never would have found the potential savings that I could have been making.” – Connie L

Payroll and
Bookkeeping Service

Every company is obliged to pay their employees the amount that they are contracted to and always in a timely fashion. Then, these costs need to be factored in with all of your other expenses and compiled in your books. You want both of these things to be executed with precision and consistency, and that is why it pays off to enlist dedicated payroll services and bookkeeping services. Luckily for you, at Yonkers Tax Preparation Service, we can take care of both of these things and help to bring you the greatest success.

Corporation Setup
and Dissolution

When you are incorporating or dissolving a company, there is a strict legal process that needs to be followed. You simply wouldn’t want to risk causing any problems during the process and so, it is always in your best interests to have the job done by experienced professionals. The good news for you is that we’ve been assisting our clients with this for many years and so, if you are looking for corporation setup and dissolution services, you can always depend on us, at Yonkers Tax Preparation Service.
“ “I have been coming to Yonkers Tax Preparation Service for help with my auditing for many years now. They understand my needs better than any other company ever has and because of that, we’ve completed many successful audits that helped to make serious improvements to our financial structure.” – Hayley W

Contact Us Today

So, if you think that any one of our services could be of use to you as an individual or for your company, give us a call and let us know today. You can speak to a member of our team, at any time during our hours of operation, who would be glad to help find the right service for you. ​